Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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The Wild2Learn project is a plan to establish a behavior modification facility in the United Kingdom as a kind of a modern Borstal.<Ref>Council urged to throw out plan for 'brat camp' in glen, by FRANK URQUHART, The Scotsman, October 25, 2006.</Ref>

A known address is Glenlivet, Ballindalloch, Banffshire AB37 9DR, Scotland, UK <Ref>Possible locatation for the facility</Ref>

The local community was worried <Ref>Community divided over school for unruly teenagers, The Nothern Scot, July 7 2006.</Ref>

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After an inspection done by the Care Commission led the Scottish Ministers order a closure <ref>School is ordered to close, by Leanne Carter, The Northern Scot, March 28, 2008
Controversial school to be closed today, BY EILIDH MORRISON, The Press and Journal, March 21 2008</Ref>. It is uncertain why the inspection was done but locals reported of an increase in fires being started, petty crime and vandalism <Ref>Residential school faces action by authorities, The Northern Scot, March 21, 2008</Ref>

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