Victims - South Africa

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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This page contains the names of minors or people who have been in residential treatment while they were juveniles. Some never made it out.

Lost during program[redigér]

# Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
1 Logan Klingenberg 16 Noupoort Christian Care Centre 15 May, 2001 Found dead chained by the neck <ref>Noupoort Centre death: 'No one is to blame', By Vuyisile Ngesi, September 11 2002</ref>
2 Theo Hurley 15 Noupoort Christian Care Centre June 29, 2001 Admitted to hospital during his stay in the program. Died to untreated diabetes <ref>MINISTER OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, DR. ZOLA SKWEYIYA, IS SHOCKED AND CONCERNED AT DEATH OF INMATE OF THE NOUPOORT CHRISTIAN CENTRE, South African Government Information</ref>
2 Raymond Buys 15 Echo Wild Game Rangers April 20, 2011 Punished and starved to death. Employees found guilty of murder February 2015 <ref>Guilty Of Murder: Two Men Who Ran Paramilitary Gay 'Conversion' Death Camp, by DAVID BADASH, The New Civil Rights Movement, February 27, 2015</ref>

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