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Time out was a German organization working with at-risk youth based in Zurich, Switzerland.

It has been connected with Masía Can Gener - a therapeutic boarding school closed in Spain in 2006.

The owner is Beat Dünki and the company seemed to have closed sometime in 2007 <Ref>Handelsregister-Meldungen von Dünki / TIME OUT - Vermittlungen http://www.secretprisonsforteens.dk/images/DeXmini.gif</Ref>.

History of the organization[redigér]

According to Jörg Ziegenspeck, a professor at the University of Lüneburg (Germany) and director and founder of the Institute of Pedagogy Vivencial, it all started twenty years ago, where it was decided to send youth sailing in a sort of school-boats away from their usual places and their gang instead of instead of placing them in jails.

The idea was that this approach meant that the youth had a physical occupation and were in touch with nature. In addition, the immensity of the sea, reduced the risk of escape.

As the boats were too expensive for the German public purse, more cost-effective solutions were sought as sending them to farms in countries south of Europe where everything was cheaper.

Adding to the problem that some of the staffmembers did not have the training needed for such a work meant problems<Ref>Adolescentes problemáticos (Youth problems) http://www.secretprisonsforteens.dk/images/DeXmini.gif</Ref>

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