Tianhai Boot Camp School

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Tianhai Boot Camp School was set up in 2007 as private school <ref name="cd1">Parents paid $51,000 over son's boot camp tragedy, China Daily, August 24, 2009</ref>.

They intended to serve families with teenagers so they could help cure youth from Internet addiction disorder and other behavior related issues <ref name=cd1/>.

One their programs was a six day outward bound program intended to boost the confidence among the teenagers.<ref name=cd1/>


A 14 year old boy Yao Jian died when he collapsed during a walk of more than 70 km from Wujiagang to a Dangyang training base which had to be done in two days.<ref name=cd1/>

The camp was shot down shortly after this incident <ref name=cd1/>.

The parents of the boy were rewarded a compensation <ref name=cd1/>

The headmaster Zhang Yangyong, and seven other staff members have been detained <ref name=cd1/>

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