Sorensons Tonga

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Sorensons Tonga is a behavior modification program located somewhere in the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific ocean.

The management seems to be unrelated to the Sorenson operations in Utah.

It is not possible to verify whether the program is in operation or not <ref>Internet searched May 2012</ref>.

Program structure[redigér]

The program use a level system with five levels. The levels are <ref>Treatment, homepage of the program</ref>:

Name Description
Level 1- Pig: Student recieves encouragement to improve.
Level 2- Turtle: Students recieve a flower lei.
Level 3- Dolphin: Students recieve their tongan name.
Students recieve wooden carved dolphin.
Level 4- Flying fox: Students recieve the formal clothing of tongan culture.
Students recieve a small traditional gift from staff.
Level 5- Whale: Students recieve a luau in their honor done in the unique tongan --tradition, with a cooked pig.
Students recieve a wooden carved whale.
Students recieve a traditional gift from staff.

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