Sky View Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Sky View Academy was one of the smaller WWASP connected facilities. It is placed on 10, 21st Street, Hawthorne, Nevada 89415 <ref>Facility on Google Maps</Ref>

It used WWASP's level system. It was placed in a remote area with desert around it just outside the city of Hawthorne.

In the news

September 2007 the facility has been suspended by the local state DCFS after an incident of sexual harassment among the detained teenagers. The facility has send a list of other prisons to transfer their offsprings to <Ref>Letter about the incident and suspension</Ref>.

On the Anti-wwasp forum the mother of the victim gave her account <Ref>Skyview closing/License suspended,</Ref>. May 2012 Courthouse News Service published a story about Sky View News <Ref>Teen Claims Abuse at Christian Academy, By NICK DIVITO, Courthouse News Service, May 17, 2012</ref>

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