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Ruth's Home of Compassion was a behavior modification facility marketed as a Christian shelter, which closed in 1983 after an investigation into child abuse <ref name="nyt">HOME'S EX-INMATES TELL OF BEATINGS, By REGINALD STUART, SPECIAL TO THE NEW YORK TIMES</ref>. It was located near the town of Rome in Georgia.

In 1983, allegations of abuse at Ruth's Home of Compassion in Rome, Ga., ultimately led the state to close the school for failing to obtain a license <ref>Schools hail pastor as a hero who redeemed teens , By Matthew Franck, Post-Dispatch, November 17 - 2002 (Reprint from The Rick A. Ross Institute for the study of destructive cults, controversial groups and movements.) </ref>

Program structure[redigér]

This facility used corporal punishment

The program worked like most of the Roloff homes on the basis of strict rules, isolation from the families and corporal punishment.

In the news[redigér]

The investigation began after rumors of child abuse <ref name=nyt/>.

Disciplinary methods used in Mr. Roloff's homes for wayward girls in Texas stirred concern several years ago before many of the practices were stopped. Another Roloff-affiliate home in Georgia is under attack by parents of children there and by some Georgia lawmakers Last month a hearing was held on charges, similar to those lodged in the Mississippi case, against Ruth's Home of Compassion in Rome, Ga.

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