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Robert Lichfield (? - ) is generally recognized as the founder of WWASP.

He appeared in the industry for the first time when he was nightwatchman at Provo Canyon School in late 1970's. The facility was closed by the authorities due to suspicion of child abuse <ref name="cai">Key to His Schools' Success? It's God, Founder Says, By John-Thor Dahlburg, Los Angeles Times, July 13, 2003 (Re-print from COALITION AGAINST INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE)</ref>.

Lichfield then moved to La Verkin, Utah where he and partner Brent Facer opened Cross Creek Manor, Inc., (now Cross Creek Manor, LLC) an all-girls facility, in 1990 <ref name=cai/>.

In 1991, Robert Lichfield created Teen Help, Inc. (now Teen Help, LLC) to market the school. After associates of Lichfield began opening more schools around the country and abroad, the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools was incorporated in 1998. Robert Lichfield is now a consultant and director for WWASP. Brent Facer is a trustee <ref name=cai/>.

In 2007 he was a fund-raiser for Mitt Romney, who ran for President <ref>LICHFIELD - MITT ROMNEY, blog by ISABELLE ZEHNDER</ref>

Brent Facer[redigér]

Brent Facer is the former vice-president of Teen Help. He co-founded Cross Creek Programs with Robert Lichfield. He has donated $3700 to Mitt Romney's primary campaign <ref>CHILD ABUSE, TORTURE, MURDER, AND RAPE AND PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES - WHY YOUTH ARE STAYING AWAY FROM MITT ROMNEY, Blood Money, Part 2 (Creative Youth News Team, 2008)</ref>

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