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Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch is a residential bahavior modification facility located in Saint Ignatius, Montana<Ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>

It was founded in 1976 <ref name="found">Troubled Valley teen finds help in atmosphere of old-fashioned values, By Verna Davis, Tribar, June 21, 2008</ref>

According to a website created by alumni's the facility is not licensed by a Mental Healthcare Agency <ref name="7p">7 Reasons not to send your child to Pinehaven, Standing in the Corner's website</ref>


It is a faith based program <ref name="prg">Our Philosophy, homepage of the program</ref>. Beside the normal residential program they run an counseling / adoption program for pregnant teenagers and a church summer camp.

The program for pregnant girls is called "Life House" <ref>he Life House, homepage of the facility</ref>

The summer camp is located 65 miles north of the main facility and it is called "Kootenai Christian Camp". The camp consist of a week on the ranch and a week near the lake <ref>Youth Camp Opportunity, homepage of the facility</ref>

Living standards[redigér]

There are 9 dorms. They are called "The Red House", "The Green House", "The Blue house", "The Tan House", "The Brown House", "The Oreo House", "The Cream House", "The White House" and "The Gray House". The living conditions inside the dorm are unknown.


They offer bible based education. Whether the education is accredited is not listed. It is mentioned that teenagers who have attended the school has been accepted into colleges and universities, but it is not listed if they have been accepted based on the education they have received at the facility or they had to retake the courses after graduation as it has been seen with several programs <ref>Pinehaven Christian School, homepage of the program</ref>

Many student graduate with an education FAR behind the normal standards set up by any state. I had to retake all my math, language classes at the lowest standards available at a community college. Even with good grades our lack of proper education can hold us back.


Mails are screened and even parents can be denied the right to communication if they work against the program<ref name=face/>

I know I was not allowed to talk to my daughter for weeks for saying in a letter they cannot force her to read an anti-LDS book and I did not know they read incomming and outgoing mail.

- Molly Mayfield

I was fobidden to write to my cousin. We were very close growing up, but my housemother decided he was secretly my boyfriend. I tried in vain to explain that he was my cousin. Even urged her to call my parents to validate it. One of my cousins who is more like a brother to me called me 3 times then never heard from him again. She always made sure to spend about 25 min talking to him before he spoke to me. So upsetting.


The general consequence is to be sent to the bull pen to clean it up <ref name=found/> but other consequences are also used.

Runaways are punished by <ref name="face">Runaways, thread on Facebook</ref>:

being immediatly grounded being automatically sent to one week in the bullpen.
being automatically issued to write 1,000 sentences. and you cannot be ungrounded until you finish them. being disallowed to wear shoes, even at church they are put in rain boots and then forced to take them off.
having all of there stuff is taken away in their rooms. depending on the houspearent to be escorted at all times by either a brother or the housedad himself.
being made to stand in the corner. losing all of there rights will be taken away.
again depending on the houseparent and how mad they are peanut butter sandwhiches for at least a week. for lunch and dinner. losing the privileage to talk to their parents meaning that they can't call there parents for 6 weeks and there vacation time starts over
meaning that they can't go on a vacation for another 6 months. and they are not allowed to write until they are ungrounded. being grounding period will last for 1-3 moths depending on what they do while they are grounded and how petty the houseparents feel like being.


In 2005 a petition was started against the school but the creators of the petition decided to engage in negotiations with the staff to improve the living conditions at the school and took the petition down after a short while<ref>Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch & School, petitionspot</ref>. Among the points of complaints being raised by survivors of the program are lack of adequate counseling, restricted phone privileges & communication with family members, claims of different forms of child abuse and nepotism due to the management being related <ref name=7p/>

February 2005 a man got sentenced to prison for the rape of two 15-year-old girls while he was employed as a youth supervisor at the faciity <ref>Dixon man gets 10 years for rape, By Eric Baker, Lake County Leader, February 10, 2005</ref><ref>Jim Barnes News, About Pinehaven blog</ref>

August 2010 4 teenagers ran away from the facility <ref>Two Olney teens among ranch runaways, Ownly Daily Mail, August 5, 2010</ref>

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