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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
(Omdirigeret fra Pine Ridge Academy)
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Youth Care, Inc. is a behavior modification facility located on 12595 South Minuteman Drive, Draper, Utah 84020 <Ref>The facility on Google maps</Ref> It was founded in 1989 and can detain 55 teenagers. The facility works closely with another behavior modification facility located on 1875 West 9000 south, West Jordan, Utah 84088 called Pine Ridge Academy <Ref>Pine Ridge Academy on Google maps</Ref>. The are located about 7 miles from each other, which makes it possible for the detained children to use a bicycle between the facilities for educational purpose, if they were not detained. Youth Care offer a more restrictive setting than Pine Ridge.

Pine Pidge Academy and Youth Care's programs[redigér]

The facilities offers three types of programs:

Youth Care Residential Treatment Center is a behavior modification facility where the children are detained all week. They communicate with their family either by letter, phone or visit depending of their progress in the program.

Day Treatment Programs is an option for those, who live nearby. The children are detained between 7.30 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday where they return home to their families.

Transition Home Programs is a program where children formerly detained at the treatment center can do time in a host family before being allowed home to their own family.

Youth Care's level system[redigér]

When the detainee arrives at Youth Care, they are placed on Orientation Level. While they are on this level, which is designed to break them into they daily routine at the facility, they are not allowed to have phone calls with their family outside family therapy before they have moved to a higher level.

The next levels are Awareness Level, Proficiency Level , and Mastery Level.

They do also have a punishment level called Learning Level, where the detainee is watched closely by the staff. A detainee on this level have almost none privileges because it is design to force the detainee to re-think his or hers approach to cope with the rules of the facility.

Other punishment precautions are Activity Hold and Hold Level. A detainee on hold level has lost the privileges which comes with the level. An written assignment will be given to the detainee and it has to be finished and approved before the detainee can return to his or her previous level. Activity Hold is an suspension for a time limit from all activities beside chores and gym. Activity Hold is used to pace the detainees with their homework and is given if a detainee is six assignments behind.

Communication is also a part of the behavior modification program. Beside phone call when Awareness level have been reached, visits from the family is something the detainee can earn. It is called Pass times and it is basically a reward to see his or her own family.

In the news[redigér]

In 2004 a teenager - 17 year old Sarah Uttermann could not talk to her attorney undisturbed, while she was detained at Youth Care. As the attorney points out even prisoners have such rights <Ref>Teen's lockdown called 'outrage' (UT,Aspen,Youth Care), reprint from Cafety</Ref>

In 2006 Youth Care was used as entertainment, when 16 year old pregnant Brittany was tracked down and forced to do time at Youth Care without a court sentence as a part of a Dr. Phil show <Ref>Runaway Dramas, Dr. Phil webpage]</Ref>

In 2007 a boy died from a bowel infarction <Ref>Brendan James Blum, Teen Advocate USA</Ref>. Instead of being sent to a hospital the night staff assumed that they needed a second opinion whether the boy faked a illness or it was for real, so they sent him to a separate room where he was found dead in the morning. Youth Care have received a notice of suspension <Ref>Center for Troubled Youth Could Have Its License Suspended,, august 31 - 2007</Ref> Two staffmembers were charged with child abuse <Ref>Caretakers at Draper youth care center charged with child abuse in death of 14-year-old, By Jason Bergreen, Salt Lake Tribune, October 11 2007</Ref>

A tread on Fornits webforum speaks on unethical handling of medication, money and relationship with the teenagers detained at the facility <Ref>YOUTHCARE DRUGS AND SEX, a thread on Fornits Webforum</Ref>

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