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Pine Creek Ranch was a behavior modification facility located 30 minutes South of Provo, Utah.

It was founded around 2002.

They specialized in what was call sex offender treatment.

They had references to other programs like Discovery Academy, RedCliff Ascent and Discovery Ranch on their webpage:

Learning from the experience of Discovery Academy, RedCliff Ascent and Discovery Ranch, Pine Creek Ranch is the first RTC in the industry to offer clinically intensive care for students demonstrating maladaptive sexual behaviors, with the foundation of the program being experiential therapy.

Program structure[redigér]

They had several kind of level systems

The first level system described the living conditions the detained teenager are forced to live under. The levels are:

  • Structure: "Activity hold". The detained teenager has to wear yellow issued clothing.
  • Dependent: Restricted activities are allowed. The detained teenager has to wear green issued clothing.
  • Independent: Own clothes are allowed. Activities are depended of status in the other level systems.

The second level system were the treatment level system. There were five levels called:

  • Level Zero = Discipline Process
  • Level One = Offense Disclosures and Autobiography, Individualized treatment goals.
  • Level Two = High Risk Factors, Sexual Assault Cycles, Interventions, Individualized treatment goals.
  • Level Three = HRF, Interventions, Victim Empathy, Deviant Fantasy work, Individualized treatment goals.
  • Level Four = Relapse Prevention, Individualized treatment goals.
  • Level Five = After-Care

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