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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Mendoza Argentina is a CEDU spin-off located in the town of Mendoza in Argentina <Ref>The area around the facility</ref>.

The program is founded by Rich and Wendy Simpson.

Program structure[redigér]

The use a reward-based system <Ref name="strug">Pathways Argentina - Visit report, by - industry marketingsfirm</ref>.

The program involve community service <Ref name=strug/>, which are recognized as a type of punishment <Ref>Community service, Wikipedia</Ref>

They use outdoor expeditions in the behavior modification program <Ref>Outdoor Exploration, homepage of the facility</ref>

Living conditions[redigér]

Before the youth arrive it is decided if the youth will live on the campus or at a host family <Ref name="lang">Language study / Housing, homepage of the facility</ref>


The youth learn servant as it is the language spoken in this area <ref name=lang/>.


The youth can communicate through “Locotorias” (internet café’s). It is claimed that there are many of them.

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