Pacific Coast Academy

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Pacific Coast Academy was a behavior modification facility located near Apia,Samoa.

It was shut down by the authorities after investigation into child abuse. The facility tried to attack the investigation <ref name="sl">PRESS RELEASE</ref>, but was forced to close in the end.

Rumors connected Stephen Cartisano, best known as the former manager of the wilderness program Challenger Foundation to the place.


The website of the facility is now being used by the television series Zoey 101 <ref name=sl/><ref name="rnzi">Lawsuit filed in US against Samoa based Pacific Coast Academy, Radio New Zealand International, October 30 - 2002</ref>.

In the news[redigér]

FBI visited the place. From Samoalive (July 20)

FBI in town.

US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agents are in Apia to look into the treatment of American teenagers at the Pacific Coast Academy. There have been reports of alleged physical and mental abuse, and rape at the academy reputed to a venture associated with American Stephen Cartisano also apparently known as Steve Michaels and Scott Richards.

A lawsuit was filed against the academy in 2002 <ref name=rnzi/>

The suspected killer Evan Ebel spent time at the facility leading him down towards the path of crime as result of the traumatic experiences at the camp <ref>Evan Ebel branded himself "Hopeless," but his father kept hope, By Sadie Gurman, The Denver Post, December 5 2013</ref>

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