Old West Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Old West Academy is a behavior modification facility located on 6460 N Manhead Road, Randolph, Utah <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>. It was previous known under the name Majestic Ranch Academy.

Program structure[redigér]

Beside using service projects the homepage doesn't mention a behavior modification program <ref name=ed/>, but according to some of the referral firms which recommend the facility an existence of a merit system should be used <ref name="tp">Old west Academy, teenpath referral firm</ref>. Also the use of TASKS (Teen Accountability, Self-Esteem and Keys to Success) indicate a close resemblance to the model WWASP used before <ref name=tp/>.


They use the curriculum from The Calvert School and Oak Meadows School <ref name="ed">Education, homepage of the facility</ref>

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