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Ocean Life is a social project offering services like behavior modification for the social services in Denmark. They using ships as method for the process.

The have two ships called "Livet" (Life) and "Silvermoon".

Parents can not admit their child to this program. Referral can only be done by the authorities.

Program structure

They offer 4 programs - Module A

This program has three phases:

  • The youth are first trained at a land base located near the town of Faaborg on the Island of Funen <Ref>The landbase on Google maps</Ref>.
  • Phase two is attending the expeditions. According to the homepage of the program at that point the youth are no longer considered students but crew.
  • The youth return to the land base and take his exam (Grade 9 or 10).


Module A: The authorities in the hometown of the youth pay DKK 66,000 per month and additional DKK 12,400 for education.


The only way to communicate is by letter or email. Phone is not encouraged because the staff wants to take advantage of the limited communication in the process of behavior modification<Ref>Kaere forældre (instructions to the parents - program homepage) http://www.secretprisonsforteens.dk/images/Dk8.gif]</Ref>

Daily schedule

While in harbor:

  • 08:00 Wake / breakfast
  • 08:30 School or chores
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 School or chores
  • 16:00 Personal time or assigned to food, shopping, making dinner and dishwashing
  • 19:00 Personal time / watching television
  • 22.00 Going to bed
  • 23:00 Lights out

While on sea:

Two persons are on duty on shifts lasting 3 hours 24/7.

A part of the program is to plan these shifts without ending up in conflict enabling the youth to understand that everyone on the ship are depending on each other.

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