Oakwood School (Stowmarket)

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Current status Closed
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Checked February 2, 2012
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Oakwood School was a special school for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties. It was located on the Chilton Hall estate near the town of Stowmarket.

In the news[redigér]

In 1999 an Ofsted report expressed concerns over discipline problems. A year later the school closed <ref name="eadt">Stowmarket: Detectives continue investigation into Oakwood School abuse claims, By Craig Robinson, EADT 24, July 11, 2011</ref>

2011 an investigation into the problems started <ref name=eadt/>. Former student were seeking damages for £1m for the alleged abuse <ref>Stowmarket: Former Oakwood School pupils seek £1m in damages for alleged abuse, By Craig Robinson, EADT 24, June 30, 2011</ref>

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