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Mount Prospect Academy is a correctional boarding school located near Plymouth in New Hampshire

The targetgroup is boys aged between 11 and 17 <ref name="home">Homepage of the facility</ref>


In 2006 a counselor at the school ran away with one of the boys and her own son <ref>Mother, son and Nashua teenager missing, by Elizabeth Walters, Concord Monitor, June 22, 2006</ref>. She was later convicted of stalking and sentenced to one year in prison <ref>Jennifer Malone Gets Year in Prison, Interested participants blog, Februar 2007</ref>.

In relationship with an article about state cuts statements about the student-staff ratio were made<ref>Comments to "Tobey School fights to keep doors open", The Concorde Monitor

My son was abused there. He had a therapist who was unlicensed and would see him in the hallway between classes, which she considered an hour of therapy. His bed was urinated and deficated on, his clothes were stolen and ruined with bleach due to poor supervision. He had his nose broken by another kid there and they failed to bring charges against the other kid. They also medicated him so much he fainted and broke his nose again by hitting a brick wall before his nose was properly healed. He was also abused in state facilities, including being knocked unconscious by staff throwing him in the air trying to restrain him resulting in his head being banged on a concrete floor. Public or private, many of these facilities are gravy trains for staff who abuse children.


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