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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Morava academy was a behavior modification facility placed in a village called Jelenice, near Brno in Czech republic. It was closed by the authorities in 1998 due to suspicion of child abuse <Ref>The former facility on Google maps. Today it is a hotel named "Hotel Jelenice". However it seems that it has been closed</Ref>

When the program was open, they were able to detain 60 detainees of both genders.

In the news[redigér]

The book Comeback - a mother and daughter's journey through hell and back <Ref>Book: Comeback - a mother and daughter's journey through hell and back, by Mia and Claire Fontaine (ISBN-10: 0-06-085971-7)</Ref> portraits the facility and the shutdown. The daughter received the final stages of her character alteration programming at Spring Creek Lodge. The managers of the facility had been involved in another facility in Mexico, which were shut down by the authorities <Ref>Morava Academy heads arrested before, By Ladka Bauerova, The Prague Post, December 11, 1998 (Reprint from project Nospank)</Ref>

When it was closed late 1998, an article stated that the owner of the facility which opened early 1998 was a certain Ralph Atkin <Ref>U.S. kids imprisoned in jail-like 'Academy', By Ladka Bauerova, The Prague Post Online, November 11 1998</Ref>.

In 1999 the Czech Radio reported that the manager Steven Roach was believed to have escaped the country in order to avoid jail, which could be a sentence for 8 years <Ref>CZECH-USA-MORAVIA-CRIME, Transcript Czech radio</Ref>.

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