Miller Newton

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Miller Newton (aka "Father Cassian Newton") (full name: Virgil Miller Newton III) conducted his critized work with thousands of adolescents at Straight , Inc. when he was the clinical director.

IP number state:

Miller Newton participated in and oversaw the abuse of hundreds of kids at a time, totalling in the thousands. He starved, deprived of sleep, physically assaulted, and emotionally abused thousands of children. He made many kids literally sit in their shit for hours because he would not let them use trhe bathroom. He conned many parents into believing he was a medical doctor, and lied about his qualifications to diagnose or treat drug addiction. He is a liar, a criminal child abuser, a fraudulent con man, a coward, and an all-around evil son of a bitch. The day Miller Newton dies will be a day of celebration; his victims will then be assured that he will be unable to continue the crimes and evil activities that he so enjoys perpetrating. Miller Newton is a vile and sinister agent of evil in the world, and when he dies it will be time to rejoice.

After the collaps of Straight, Inc. his name appeared in relationship with the now closed Kids of Bergen County <Ref>Facts, Kids of Bergen County webpage</Ref>.

During the early stages of establishing Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center (AARC) he is mentioned as consultant although never present <Ref>AARC: Recovering Krystal., thestraights webpage</Ref>.

Where is he now[redigér]

Reports mention that he is now living under the name of Fr. Cassian Newton in Madeira Beach, Florida. According to the state of Florida he is not allowed to work with children.


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