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Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp is a weekend boot camp. It has recently moved to 10359 Farrand Road, Otisville, Michigan at the Convenant Hills campground <Ref>The boot camp on Google maps</Ref>. However a Facebook page states the address 7015 Fieldcrest Dr, Brighton, MI <ref>Company page on Facebook</ref><ref>The address given on Facebook on Google maps</ref>

The camp lasts about 46 hours and 2 hours of parenting classes are also included. The target group is youth aged 11 to 17.

Program structure[redigér]

The program starts on Friday. The teenagers enter the camp between 18:00 and 18:30. The parents go to an orientation which lasts 15 minutes. The program ends on Sunday at 16:00. Parents can attend a parent class called Parenting Helps Clinic if they arrive at 14:00. The detainees are placed in groups called companies which consist of between 6 and 12 youths. While the program is co-ed, each group is single gender. Normally there are two companies, one male and one female.

Beside the physical exertion, there are four seminars during the week. They include a video and are called:

CANCELLED LIVES A video and discussion that describes life inside juvenille detention, jail, and prison facilities. We consider this our "wake up call" to encourage the youth to look down the road and decide how far into the juvenille / adult justice system they want to travel.
"WHATS TO BECOME OF ME" A discussion of how ALL choices have positive and negative consequences on our future. Emphasized is the need to develop the mental, physical, social, and spiritual areas of our life to be a balanced person and make better choices.
"LIFE ON THE WIRE" A creative session designed to show in a visual way how our positive and negative decisions have impacted our life. Others may affect our lives, but for the most part our lives are affected by our own choices.
"WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK" This session teaches the truth that our "actions" reveal to the world what we believe. It is very important that our actions follow what we say we believe and value, otherwise we have only succeeded in fooling ourselves

What actually goes on in these seminars remains unreported.


The program is used by Abundant Life Academy as punishment <Ref>PERMISSION TO ATTEND CHALLENGE CAMP WEEKEND, PDF from Abundant Life Academy</Ref>.


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