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Meadowlark Academy was a behavior modification facility located on 301 East 7th Strett, Delphos, Kansas <Ref>The facility on FlashEarth</Ref>.

The facility was for girls only, but the owner ran a facility - Tipton Academy - for boys only in a nearby city.

They accepted to detain teenagers against their will without trial and stated it so on their webpage <Ref name="FAQ">FAQ page from the facility</Ref>.

The program recommended at least 12 months according to the website <Ref name=FAQ/>.

The owners were Kevin and Kaye Richey until December 2010. Currently under new ownership.

It did open around 2005-6 <Ref>Owners of Boys' School Plan Delphos, Kan., Girls' School, By Tim Unruh, The Salina Journal, 8 March 2006.</Ref>

Program structure[redigér]


The education was self-paced by computer. The homepage of the program did not mention where the education is acredited <Ref>Academics - Program Homepage</Ref>


In February 2007 the state reminded the facility that communication between parent and child must not be restricted even when the parent wish too <Ref name="Salina">Youth academy operators defend programs, By DAVID CLOUSTON, Salina Mobile News, March 20 2000</Ref>


There have been numerous complaints but laxed state laws makes it difficult to gain results.

That facility's alleged violations ranged from not having state permission to admit youths from out of the state to locking emergency exit doors after being told not to do so and failing to provide the intensive mental health and drug treatment that residents were promised<Ref name=Salina/>.

Annual operating license renewals were completed for the Tipton Academy in December 2006, 2007 and 2008. Each review noted minor areas of non-compliance involving facility files and paperwork that were subsequently corrected <Ref name=Salina/>.

KDHE records also show that complaints against the facility were made in November 2006, July 2007, July 2008 and September 2008. None of the complaints resulted in issuance of citations <Ref name=Salina/>.

Annual licensing renewal inspections for the Meadowlark Academy were completed in September 2007 and September 2008. That facility, too, was cited for non-compliance involving files and paperwork, and those violations were corrected <Ref name=Salina/>.

One complaint was made against Meadowlark Academy. It was investigated in February 2007. The state issued two citations afterward, regarding delivery of client services <Ref name=Salina/>.

One citation was for not having a staff member present in the gym the night of Jan. 15, 2007, when four girls left the building through the gym doors <Ref name=Salina/>.

The other citation noted the academy did not arrange for the services of a mental health provider; two residents claimed to be diagnosed as bipolar and had been prescribed psychotropic drugs in the past, but their parents were withholding their medication <Ref name=Salina/>.

The facility closed sometime during the summer of 2011. The reason is not known but the related Tipton Academy had problems with the authorities <ref>Tipton / Meadowlark Academy in Kansas closed, a thread on the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora</ref>

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