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Checked October 7, 2013
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Logan River Academy is a behavior modification facility located in the town of Logan in Utah. The facility is located on the corner of Highway 89/91 and Park Avenue <Ref>The facility on Google maps</Ref>

They can detain 90 teenagers aged 13-17 and they were founded in 2000. According to their NATSAP data the length of the program is about 12 months <Ref>Logan Academy on NATSAP</Ref>

Program structure[redigér]

The communication between the teenager detained at the facility and the family progress from restricted on-campus visits to visits home as the detained teenager moves forward in the program, which have eight levels.

The program works with behavior measured grades which are given every two weeks. They call them "Level grades". "Team Grades", which is another tool to move towards in the program is given every term.


They are acredited by NAAS.


The survivors from the Myspace group mentions DEVO. This type of punishment consist of doing time by sitting on a chair doing nothing in one of the devo-rooms from sunrise to bedtime with breaks only at meals. Some survivors talks of weeks - others of months <Ref>Thread about Devo</Ref>.

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