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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Liahona Academy is a behavior modificaty facility marketed as a therapeutic boarding school.

The address stated in the enrollment agreement is 543 N Bluff St, St George, Washington, Utah 84770, United States <Ref>Enrollment agreement</Ref>. The address of the newly built academy is 1015 east Highway 9 Virgin, Utah 84779 <Ref>The facility on Google maps</Ref>

According to the same records the owner is Clay Ahquin <Ref>Visitation report from state officials</Ref>

The facility can detain 35 male teenagers aged 12 - 17.

Program Structure[redigér]

Behavior modification seminars[redigér]

There are seminars for both parents and their detained teenagers:

Seminars for the teenagers[redigér]

There are 4 seminars in the program. They are named <Ref name="par_man">Liahona Academy - Parent Information Packet, Homepage of the facility</Ref>:

Level Name Description
Phase I
Teen Applications for Life: a two-day seminar addressing issues such as accountability, integrity, choice, cooperation, trust and honesty.
Phase II
Teen Enlightenment: a three-day seminar centering on critical life experiences and self-limiting beliefs that have created low self-esteem and inappropriate behavior.
Phase III
Teen Accountability and Responsibility: a series of workshops aimed at skill development, and integration in the areas of communication, cooperation, relationships, personal appearance, decision-making, family, and peer pressures (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc).
Phase IV
Teen Victory:
teens serve as part of the seminar staff for others. The seminar principles are reinforced and internalized as the teen assists others through the series of seminars and workshops.

Seminar for the parents[redigér]

They have a seminar for parents called Parent Enlightment <Ref name=par_man/>.


The enrollment agreement states that all communication the first 3 months must be written only. If the teenager has progressed in the program, the staff can allow phone calls to the family only. The first visits are on campus only and the number and duration is being determined by the staff. Home visit can take place once the teenager has achieved a certain point in the program determined by the staff <Ref name=par_man/>.

The mail is censored so the teenagers can not report of abuse

*TRIANGULATION will not be TOLERATED… Example… (Setting up your parents against the Program, or the Program against your parents, in attempt to look as if you are innocently mistreated.)
**Remember, your Case Manager keeps close contact with your Parents and Family, so it is important to make sure that your letters coincide with what reports your Case Manager relays to your Parents!


The education is almost entirely done alone on a computer. Harsh remarks about actually paying salery to teachers to ensure quality education and increasing funds for library / media needs have been stated in a visitation report.


The enrollement agreement allows the staff to isolate the teenager from the generation population of detained teenagers. The enrollment agreement does not state for how long this isolation can last.

The enrollment agreement also allows the staff to restrain the teenager.

Consequences is also stated to include loss of points, loss of privileges, loss of status, and the writing of essays (300-3,500 words in length) <Ref name=par_man/>.

In the News[redigér]

The facility is mentioned in relationship with their involvement of faith in connection with behavior modification.

As the number of detainees has lowered in other facilities they have attracted employees from those <ref>Thane Palmer therapist mft goes to Liahona Academy Utah, a thread on Fornits webforum</ref>

January 2010 a 15 year old boy died as he suffered a brain aneurysm, while he was attending the facility <ref>Memorial event will help raise awareness about brain aneurysms, BY SUSAN MCFARLAND, The Keller Citizen, January 18, 2011</ref>

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