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Lester Leo Roloff was an American fundamental Independent Baptist preacher, and founder of teen homes across the south. On this wiki they are known as the Roloff Homes

He was born in 1914 and died 1982 as result of a plane crash.

In his late years he had a legal dispute with the State of Texas, which wanted to inspect the Roloff homes to ensure the safety of the minors in the group homes. At a point his organization removed the children out of Texas so they could not be interviewed. It is known as the Christian Alamo

Notable Henchmen[redigér]

Wiley B. Cameron (1929 - 1980) <ref name=obi/>[redigér]

Managed Rebekah Home for girls‎ until the arrest of a number of staff-members. His wife Fay was banned from working with children in Texas <ref>ABAJournal 2001</ref>. He died in 2009 <ref name="obi">Obituary, Wiley B. Cameron</ref>.

Bill "Brother Mcnamara[redigér]

Worked together with his wife Jennifer at Rebekah Home for girls‎. When the state of Texas shut the permit for the home down, they started a facility named New Beginnings Girls Academy with basically the same management setup. Today this facility is located in Missouri <ref>New Beginnings Girls Academy - a.k.a New Beginnings Rebekah Academy, hurrikayne's Sharebook, Care2, December 6, 2008</ref>.

Jack Patterson[redigér]

"Brother Jack" worked at the Lighthouse for Boys as superintendent for an unknown period in the 1970s. Later he founded the Reclamation Ranch and supported the creation of the Rachel Academy for Girls.

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