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La Europa Academy is a behavior modification facility located on 1135 East Vine Street, Murray, Utah 84121 <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>.

The facility can detain 32 girls aged 13 to 17.<ref name="nat">Program status on NATSAP</ref>

The program last 7 to 12 months <Ref name=nat/>

It was founded in 2005 <Ref name=nat/>

They are member of the private membership organization NATSAP <Ref name=nat/>

Level system[redigér]

They use a level system with 6 levels <ref>Student Life - Advancement, homepage of the faclity (March 15, 2008)</ref>.

Overview of the level system
Level name Level Description
Safety level Upon entering La Europa, all girls begin at the Safety level. This level normally last a week, but can last longer depending on how she adjusts to what can sometimes be a radical shift from living with her family. Individual staff are assigned to the girl during each shift and will remain within 2 feet of her gradually lessening the distance until the girl is moved to Level 1. At any time during her stay, should the teenager show signs of self-injurious behavior or threaten self-harm or her intention to run, she can be demoted to this level by the staff. Staff determinations are always reported to and reviewed by the girl's therapist. Parents are informed.
Trust According to the homepage of the program this level deals in building trust. Clearly stated in the parent manual, and in communication between the girl, her therapist and in a packet the girls receive, are the criterfor along with places for teachers, the nurse, therapists, and staff to sign as the girl works her way through to developing trust in her relationships.
Realization The teenagers are expected to list issues observed at the other students and list them as reason for their placement at the facility. They are not expected to try so solve them at this level.
Accountability They have to take responsibility for their issues and stop blaming other for them being molested or bullied. According to the homepage some tends to victimize themselves and they are expected to use this level to take their life into their own hands.
Self-Actualization At this step the teenager should be working on the core of the problem.
Proactivity and Empowerment Here the work on the post-placement plan starts.
Wholeness and Balance. At this level they prepare themselves for graduation.

Living conditions[redigér]

The Level system does not use living conditions as punishment / rewards Source ? - January 13, 2010.


The communication with the outside world is determined by the detained teenagers status in the level system. Once they reach level 2 they do no longer have to check in at specific intervals.

Home passes and off campus time with the family will be granted once they reach level 3.

The number of Phone calls and time of each call is determined by their status in the level system.


La Europa's program is not punitive. Advancement through the level system brings additional expectations as well as additional privileges. If a girl is placed on safety, some of her privileges are curtailed, i.e., fun pass, home pass, etc. However, after being taken off safety, she retains the same level placement earned prior to her being put on safety. Overall, her living conditions remain consistent throughout. Only when she reaches level six does she move to a different room arrangement. Because she is close to graduating and has been working on her transition plan, she moves to a semi-private bedroom and living area. She continues to interact with, eat with and attend school with the other girls Source ? - January 13, 2010.

Consequences for unacceptable behavior are appropriate, consistent, and delivered in coordination with each girl's therapeutic goals. Depending on the girl and the behavior, the consequences are handled by the staff, the teacher, or a therapist. Sometimes the entire treatment team will discuss what happened and what is going to happen next. They consider factors such as the girl's history, her progress, and contributing factors. Staff and teachers are asked for their perspective. Depending on circumstances, the team asks for input from the girl as to what she thinks an appropriate consequence would be. If the behavior involved another girl or staff member, the girl has to identify what "repair work" she needs to do with the other person. Her therapist follows-up to help her review her choices that led to the event. If the behavior becomes a pattern, the therapist and treatment team coordinate how the behavior is to be handled by staff / teachers. Parents are kept informed by their therapist and weekly emails from the program director that describe each girl's progress within both the general program as well as plans unique to their daughter. Teachers discuss classroom behaviors with parents at parent conferences, or via notes in the online grading program Source ? - January 13, 2010


They are acredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, which is best known in the public for the State of New York not accepting their diplomas in relationship with Academy at Ivy Ridge.

In the news[redigér]

  • In 2017 it was revealed that Jason Scott Calder who later was charged with rape, forcible sodomy and forcible sexual abuse had been working at the facility. October 2017 there was no information that he had taken advantage of teenagers at La Europa Academy but investigation is ongoing <ref>Utah County therapist arrested for alleged sexual abuse of underage girl, by Asthon Edwards, FOX 13 News, September 26 - 2017</ref>

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