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LAPD Boot camp is a 10-week Sunday only boot camp held by the Los Angeles Police Department.

It is a part of their Juvenile Impact Program.

The targetgroup is children aged between 9 and 15 <Ref>LAPD Announces Another Boot Camp for At-risk Youth, LAPD Homepage</Ref>.

Program structure[redigér]

The boot camp is held on Sundays 10 weeks in row. The child and a parent has to be present. The parent attend parenting classes and are called when needed <Ref>LAPD Boot Camp Teaches Kids Discipline, LAPD Press Release, March 26 - 2007</Ref>.

The price is 100 dollar.

The program consist of endless exercises for the children while the parent are educated in class.

A part of the program is to punish the child verbally in front of the parent. A link on the homepage of the LAPD states <Ref>77th Street Station Offers Boot Camp, LAPD Homepage (The program lasted 8 week in 2005)</Ref>:

METHOD: The LAPD, 77th Division will conduct a regimented military "Boot Camp" for juveniles by using approximately 10 LAPD instructors designated as Drill Instructors who will provide instruction in Drill, Ceremonies and Physical Training. The method is to obtain the attention and compliance through loud, boisterous and intense commands. Additionally LA Unified School District Instructors will provide training and counselors to the recruits and their parents in anger management and communication skills.

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