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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Key Point Academy was a behavior modificaton facility located near Kanab Utah (E Highway 89, Kanab, UT 84741)

They did at some start to work together with another facility - White Rock Academy in Kansas - which is more like a lockdown, so parents could try a stay in Kansas before transferring the detained teenagers to this facility <ref>News section at Key Point Academy

Short-Term Alliance: Key Point works with a short-term program called White Rock Academy to provide long-term services when warranted. Key Point believes that the sooner a child can re-integrate into the home environment the better. White Rock also practices both Positive Peer Culture and the Strong Model of Interaction and Intervention. By making ourselves available to White Rock we have sought to make our services available to parents who want to try short-term first, but ultimately feel a longer-term approach with their child is necessary. Because our theories of change and treatment processes complement one another, the transition from one program to the next is as seamless as possible. But there is another benefit .....


The homepage was inactive when checked in September 2010. The facility is properly closed.

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