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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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When a person turns 18 and if he or she is placed in a program, they can leave unless their parents have won a case against them in court, which is very easy in Idaho so they can be detained further 3 years until they are 21.

Some teenagers are just serving time and do not buy into the re-programming of their minds. In order to assure that the teenager just waits until the birthday the concept of an exit plan was developed in 1990's.

The concept is that the detained teenager on his or her 18 year birthday will receive 50 dollars and a bus-ticket to the nearest town with a homeless shelter, so they can not travel back to their own town a live by friends or family. Because they have dissapointed their family they have to live without contact and support from anyone.

Most teenagers wont live on the streets so they choose to stay in the program but because they are legally adults the staff can not detain and restrain them like the other teenagers, so some facilities offers a separate, but remote facility for such young adults.

This category contains a list of these facilities.

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