Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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This category consist of residential facilities which are working as a part of the Becket Family of Services in New Hampshire

Former operations in Canada[redigér]

The Becket organization used to operate wilderness program activities in Canada. However arround 1982 teenagers started to complain about the nature of these wilderness operations. The teenagers stated that they were denied food <ref>Teenagers "denied food" judge closes camps in Northern Quebec, The Montreal Gazette - July 31, 1982</ref>. Due to the remote location it wasn't possible to prove these allogations <ref>Operations of camps accused of abusing teenagers cleared, The Montreal Gazette - August 9, 1982</ref> but it was decided not to continued the operations due to concerns of the teenagers safety. As result of the case the state decided to tighten the control with the activitites schools and programs ran in Quebec <ref>State to tighten school controls, The Day - September 10, 1982</ref>



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