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This category contains facilities and wilderness programs owned by Aspen Education Group. Aspen Education is controlled by Bain Capital.


Aspen Education Group is an organization based in Cerritos, California.

It runs various behavior manipulation programs organized in three divisions: Wilderness therapy, Residential treatment Centers and Weight loss Programs.

Aspen has been operating programs since the 1980's.

It uses Television as an active tool to spread knowledge about its programs. It had targeted Europe through documentary series like Brat Camp, I know what you ate last summer, Britain Biggest Boozers. In the states it is also used when a child needs to be locked up in entertainment programs like Dr. Phil.

As of December, 2006 it has the following programs under its wings:

Wilderness division[redigér]

Residencial treatment Centers[redigér]

Weight loss division[redigér]

  • Academy of the Sierras - 3 facilities in California, North Carolina and New York (2008)
  • Wellspring Camps - 7 camps in New York, North Carolina, California, Texas, Hawaii, Michigan and United Kingdom.

Family camp division[redigér]

  • Aspen Family Camp - As a part of the television show Brat Camp, they created a special program in Idaho with the ressources from SUWS. Although the results were impressive and far better than normal wilderness courses where the family only participate in the end, the system showed that adults who can leave, will leave when they have endured more than 3 weeks in the wilderness, because they can not cope with the harsh conditions. 25 % percent of the families left before completion of the course. Phonecalls made in 2007 has reveiled that they are not planning camps presently.

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