Integrity House for Girls

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Integrity House for Girls is a marketed as a treatment center but is suspected to be a behavior modification facility. It is for girls only and it is located near Cedar City in Utah <Ref>The neighborhood where the facility is located</Ref>.

The program last between 10 and 14 months.

Program Structure[redigér]

The program relys on behavior modification. On the homepage of the program the following rules are stated <ref>Behavior Modification, homepage of the program</ref>:

  • Immediately respond to staff direction
  • Maintain proper hygiene and grooming standards
  • Gang behavior strictly prohibited
  • Verbal and physical intimidation strictly prohibited
  • Racial, sexist and derogatory comments strictly prohibited
  • Sleeping quarters kept clean and in order at all times
  • Seat belts worn at all times in moving vehicles
  • Hands off belongings of other residents.
  • No Smoking
  • No Swearing or inappropriate comments
  • Horseplay not allowed
  • Dress standards to be maintained at all times
  • No Fighting
  • No Stealing or borrowing in any form
  • Possession or use of drugs or contraband is strictly prohibited

Consequences for rule violations or poor behavior range from loss of privileges to filing of formal charges for violations of State Laws.


If the girl would not go voluntary, they recommend discussing options. Like FORCEFULLY taking the girls by PCS



In the news[redigér]

  • January 2010 a now 20 year old woman came forward claiming to have been sexual harassed by a co-worker at Starbucks. The claim came after she had been committed to Integrity House by force ordered by her parents where the therapy forced her to deal with the alleged harassment <ref>Page about the case from</ref>
  • June 2013 it was announced that employees had been arrested on charges of rape and assault <ref>Director, supervisor of youth center arrested for rape, assault, KSL, June 1 2013</ref>

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