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Innercept is a behavior modification program modeled after the system used at the CEDU facility Rocky Mountain Academy, a facility in Boundary County, Idaho where one of the founders, George Ullrich, worked before <ref name="kg">Treatment, a memoir by Karl Griggs about his time at Innercept</ref>. It is marketed as a residential treatment center which use a Integral Model of Psychology developed by Ken Wilber.

It was founded in 2004 <ref name="natsap">Innercept datasheet on the homepage of NATSAP</ref>.

There are two target groups: high school aged 13-17 and college aged 18-24. The minimum period the youth is detained is 3 months. They are able to detain 36 persons in their programs <ref name=natsap/>.


  • The department for the teenagers located on 5033 Dodd Road, Hayden, Idaho 83835. (The building was previous owned by the actress Patty Duke <Ref>Google maps of Dodd Road</Ref>).
  • The department for women located on Maxwell Drive in the same town <Ref>Google maps of Maxwell Drive</Ref> and Hudlow Road near the town of Garwood.
  • The department for adult men is located on 3292 Hudlow Road
  • They also have a stabilitzation house on East Ohio Match Road

Program Structure[redigér]


Key workers at Innercept do also work part time for North Idaho Behavioral Health. The close work with the families allow them to get easy referrals from this hospital <ref name=kg/>

Daily schedule[redigér]

  • Weekdays typically start around 7:00 with breakfast followed by a group walk. Depending on the day, there may be school, various group sessions, or individual work until lunch. Afternoon is similar with more schooling, scripted group therapy, or volunteer time (cleaning the program campus). After dinner there are exercise activities. 20:00 marks the ending of the day with a session where the day is evaluated. Lights out is 21:00.<ref name="is">Calender, homepage of the facility</ref>
  • On the weekend the structure is a little more loose. The day start 8:45 instead of 7:15, but several hours are reserved for homework and more social therapy.<ref name=is/>


They use individual contracts with various restrictions. It could be a ban on communication. They also banish some of the teenagers to various wilderness programs <ref name=kg/>

In the News[redigér]

March 2008 it was reported that the neighbor was very concerned about the various departments of the facility <Ref>Neighbors complain about group homes, by Erica F. Curless, Spokeman Review, March 5 2008</Ref> <Ref>Group homes for troubled young people worry Hayden-area residents, The Seattle Times, March 5 2008</Ref>. Alleged incidents of graffiti and peeping toms are mentioned in the article.

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