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Ibicuy is a program located in the capital of Argentina is under investigation for being a spin-off of Elan School, which is a wellknown behavior modification facility in Maine.

According to a thread on the webpage for Alumnis from Elan a certain Juan Ferreyra stated that he started the program after graduating from Elan <Ref>Guestbook, Elanalum</Ref>

will love to hear from people from that time after I graduated went back to argentina and in 1984 started my own program www.ibicuy.com being at elan cahanged my life.... of course Im still at the program....life is a program. god bless joe and all the angels that saved me at elan. kisses juan

The program was started sometime <ref>Una exclusiva comunidad para tratar adicciones, Info Bae</ref>. The campus of the program is located near the village of Villa Paranacito, Entre Rios in Argentina <ref>The campus of Google maps</ref>

In the news[redigér]

February 2012 it was revealed that there had been an escape and the local authrorities was involved in an investigation into the conditions at the facility <ref>Pacientes de centro de rehabilitación escapan y denuncian malos tratos, Uno</ref>

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