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Nevada Horizon Academy is one of the less known facilities among the WWASP behavior modification facilities. It is placed on the corner of West Mecca Road and Highway Route 373 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada <Ref>Facility on Google Maps</Ref>

It is placed in a remote area with desert around it. Nearest town is Pahrump. Before it became a behavior modification family it was a hotel with the name Desert Village Hotel <Ref>Tourism tightens search for lodgings, By MARK WAITE, Pahrump Valley Times, March 16 2007</Ref>

Unlike Sky View Academy, which used the same detention system and was shut down by the authorties in Nevada, it remains open.

After the Mexican autorities closed Casa by the Sea, the founder Jade Robinson tried to open the school in California under the name Bell Academy, but the authorities didn't allow it to operate in this state so it moved just across the stateline to the present location.

The target group is teenagers aged between 13 and 18. Most are placed there by their parents, but some are sent their due to overbooked juvenile prisons. They are officially listed as on probation while they suffer basically the same standard as in prisons.

Program structure[redigér]

It uses WWASP level system.


They are accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. This associasion normally acredits middle school. Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities is the recognized regional accreditation agency for post-secondary institutions in the seven-state region served by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. As a result of this division of responsibilities, neither the United States Department of Education nor the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools as an accrediting agency for institutions of higher education. This paradox meant that another of the facilities under the WWASP umbrella – Academy at Ivy Ridge was fined.

Living conditions[redigér]

While the facility is co-ed, boys and girls are separated <Ref>Horizon Academy focuses on troubled teens, By DAVID BAKER, Pahrump Valley Times, february 7 2007</Ref>.

Horizon Academy is only co-ed insofar as it accepts both boys and girls. There is no regular mixing of the two. They do not dine together, they do not study together, they are only allowed in each other's presence during joint lecture series or the odd field trip.

Each of the detained teenagers sleeps in rooms with 4 to 8 teenagers of their own gender.


Until the behavior of the teenager is modified to a certain level in the level system, the only kind of communication is by letters. Phone calls are considered a privilege.

Once both the parents and the detained teenager has taken a number of semiars (LGAT's) the parents are not allowed to visit.


August 2009 a 19 year old teenager did choose to leave the program regardless of the fact that the campus is located in the middle of a desert<Ref>19-year-old man missing in Southern Nevada desert, By Mary Manning, Las Vegas Sun, August 13 2009</Ref>. He was located by the police and re-united with his family <Ref>19-year-old man found safe in Southern Nevada desert, By Mary Manning, Las Vegas Sun, August 14 2009</Ref>

A report from the local District Attorney published in a local newspaper did show that criminal minors attend the boarding school as alternative juvenile detention while they officially are stated as on probation <ref>D.A’s Report, Pahrump Valley Times, November 26, 2010

Criminal contempt through failed court order placement at Horizon Academy, stealing from a roommate’s locker at Horizon Academy, committing battery and not complying with reasonable rules of probation


Around 2012 they moved the program to La Verkin properly due to a water dispute. August 2013 the homepage of the program stated that the program was closed. The manager moved on to start Youth Foundation, Inc.

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