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Checked 1999
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Hope Ranch / Star Meadows Academy was a girls only boarding school and behavior modification facility located on Meadows Road, Whitefish, Montana 59937 <Ref>The facility on Google maps</Ref>.

It was founded in 1999 and it could detain 36 girls <Ref>Program data on NATSAP</Ref>. They were SEVIS approved <Ref>List of SEVIS Approved Schools in Montana</Ref>.

The program offered detention for 12-18 months for girls aged 13 to 17. They used a level system with 6 levels based on Christian values. A child could choose not to follow the Bible based studies once they reach level 5 and choose a moral value based curriculum. The two paths were called well-being (Non Christian) and Sanctification (Christian).

It was founded in the state of Washington, but moved to Montana because they could not meet the licensing standards. The first name was Cunningham Youth Camp <Ref>HR Originated in Washington Here is proof!, a thread on the message board of the survivor group</Ref> <Ref>Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty - page 8</ref>

Program Structure[redigér]

The detainee earned privileges as she moved up in the level system.

Level Desired outcome Tasks
  • Each girl learns the value of a community having rules and guiding principles.
  • Each girl begins to learn how to be a good citizen in a community.
  • Each girl learns the value of being obedient
  • Understanding the rules Hope Ranch
  • Displaying an obedient attitude and response on a consistent basis
  • Exploring the relationship between obedience and forgiveness
  • Identifying their own road blocks to obedience
  • Studying and discussing the complexity of obedience and disobedience
  • Each girl learns to be accountable and responsible for her actions and decisions.
  • Each girl learns the role that 'taking responsibility for one's actions' plays in relationships.
  • Each girl begins to develop a life of accepting responsibility.
  • Each girls learns that results/outcomes/consequences - both positive and negative - are determined by the choices she makes.
  • Continuing to exhibit a life of obedience
  • Taking responsibility for wrongs committed on daily basis.
  • Exploring the relationship between confession and forgiveness.
  • Exploring the meaning of salvation
  • Identifying wrongs towards others and towards self
  • Participating in the Family Enrichment Conference when therapeutically appropriate
  • Each girl learns new skills so mistakes aren't repeated.
  • Each girl learns to apply new skills to make good decisions.
  • Each girl begins to make changes in relationships
  • Begin to establish a pattern of a life of obedience, confession and repentance
  • Explore the relationship between repentance and forgiveness
  • Continue exploring the meaning of salvation
  • Identify challenges on new paths
  • Identify tools for meeting the challenges of the new path
  • Each girl learns to value of reconciling damaged relationships
  • Each girl engages in the process of reconciliation.
  • Each girl begins to develop a life of healing broken relationships.
  • Explore the meaning of being reconciled
  • Begin to display a life of reconciliation, confession and repentance, and obedience
  • Explore relationship between reconciliation and forgiveness Identify where family relationships are severed.
  • Identify all people you have wronged and make amends to them Explore the pain and challenge when reconciliation has not happened
  • Successfully complete Family Enrichment Conferences
  • Each girl learns the value of creating a personal discipline
  • Each girl makes a commitment t a life and personal discipline.
  • Each girl begins to live a disciplined life of spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being.
  • Each girl, in an age-appropriate manner, begins the transition from the structured lifestyle at Hope Ranch to the 'world outside Hope Ranch.'
  • Exploring the difference between a life of sanctification and a worldly life
  • Exploring the ongoing role of forgiveness in a disciplined life
  • Exhibiting a life of reconciliation, confession and repentance, and obedience Identifying what non-healthy patterns exist Identifying how to separate from those non-healthy patterns and cycles
  • Identifying the tools useful in separating from non-healthy cycles
  • Identifying and developing a personal discipline plan
  • Each girl posses skills to succeed in their families and communities.
  • Each girl demonstrates preparedness to return to their families and communities.
  • Each girl has internalized the importance of obedience, confession, repentance, reconciliation, and sanctification/Well-being.
  • Each girl has demonstrated the ability and desire to live with integrity and purpose.
  • Explore the relationship between forgiveness and reunification
  • Participate in Transition Program
  • Create a Personal Bill of Rights
  • Create a family reunification plan
  • Create a reunification plan for all levels of relationships
  • Create a tribute to parents
  • Identify any relationships in the community that need reunification

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Cooperate in schools X X X X X X
Complete assignments X X X X X X
Wear uniform X X X X X X
Meet educational goals X X X X X
Be a positive role model X X X X
Increased excellence in school work X X X
Consistently meet education goals X X X
Develop leadership skills X X X
Be a positive role model in class X X X
Be a leader in the classroom X X
Be a positive role model X X
Tutor students who need academic help X X
Display excellence in school work X
Remain actively involved in school X
Be obedient X X X X X X
Become a good citizen X X X X X X
Live by the program & community rules X X X X X X
Complete all tasks for the present level X X X X X X
Take responsibility for past choices X X X X X
Identify "wrongs" that were committed X X X X X
Continue to be obedient X X X X X
Work in the counseling process X X X X
Learn the value of making good choices X X X X
Learn how to make good choices X X X X
Make changes in relationships X X X X
Learn the value of reconciling relationships X X X
Learn how to reconcile relationships X X X
Work at healing damaged relationships X X X
Make a commitment to a life of discipline X X
Learn the value of creating personal discipline X X
Begin to live a disciplined life X X
Prepare to return to family and community X
Internalize the importance of this journey X
Learn skills to succeed in family and community X
Live with integrity and purpose X


  • The economy was named as reason for the closure <ref name=dil/>

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