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Harbor Oaks Boarding School also known as Wolf Creek Academy is marketed as a therapeutic boarding school. It is suspected to utilize methods, characterized a behavior modification facility. It is located on 41 Beauty Spot Cove Road, Mars Hill, North Carolina <Ref>The facility on Google Maps</Ref>

The children, who are detained at the facility had been sent there by either the parents or legal guardian. They do not accept court ordered children and calls the stay voluntary, but they do not state if they forbid the use of transport firms.


It was founded in 2002, where it was located in St. Cloud, Osceola, Florida. It moved to North Carolina in 2004 according to their registration by the Department of Secretary of State in North Carolina <Ref>Registration by the Department of Secretary of State</Ref>

It was for girls only but recently the facility has expended so they can detain boys to.

Program Structure[redigér]

The program works on a combination of restriction of communication with the social network of the child and a level system where the detained child has to earn simple privileges like visits from the parents and additional time talking with the parents over the phone.

In the contract, the parents sign <Ref>Contract from Harbor Oaks</Ref>, they promise not to visit their own child until the child had earn such a right. Phone calls and mails (both in-coming and out-going) are monitored and searched.

Regardless of the level, the parents can talk with a staff member once a week regarding the progress of sculpture the intended ideal of a personality.

They use visits home as a kind of probation to see if child is programmed correctly and when the child is released to his or her family it is done on a basis of a home contract, which outlines the rules the child will live by until adulthood and beyond unless the child wants to risk being sent back or live on the street if the former detainee are over 18 at the time where the home contract is violated.


The facility uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) workbook curriculum provided by School of Tomorrow <Ref>Accelerated Christian Education</Ref>. School of Tomorrow requries that just one person in an entire school be "certified" to use the curriculum. This certification is NOT from any state agency. It is issued by School of Tomorrow. This enables schools to use the curriculum without having any certified teachers by the State.


The Madison County Department of Social Services has made a report about neglect at Harbor Oaks. A parent has also decribed how her boy was punched by a staff-member <Ref>International Survivor Action Committee on Harbor Oaks with links to report of neglect and complaint from parent.</Ref>. A lawsuit is also being dealt with <ref>Bonham et al v. Wolf Creek Academy et al Case No: 1:2010cv00190</ref>

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