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Gulf Coast Academy is the new facility connected with WWASP(as of June 2007). It is located on the property that once housed various boot camps operated by Herman Fountain, Sr.

It is located on 2147 Mill Street Extension, Lucedale, Mississippi <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>. Relatives and friends to detained teenagers can look for the Bethel Baptist Church, which is located just in front of the facility.


The facility has been operated under lot of names. Bethel Boys Home, Bethel Boys Academy, Eagle Point Christian Academy, Respect Camp, Cambridge Academy, Pine View Academy.

During the year authorities have raided the facility, the former owner had been tried in court and there was a riot also. Finally the hurricane Katrina damaged the buildings so badly the detained teenagers inside it, that they had to be transferred to other WWASP facilities.

It was sold to Narvin Lichield, who also runs Carolina Springs Academy and Pillars of Hope in Costa Rica, which enables the owners to offer a package, which includes a stay in Costa Rica, where they can look after the owners horses <Ref>Packet deal offer, The Schools Offer a Three Phased Process</Ref>

Program structure[redigér]

The school follows the normal behavior modification program with 6 levels.

In the news[redigér]

September 20, 2007 four of the detained teenagers escaped the facility. The police are looking for them <Ref>Teens escape from academy, By Royce Armstrong, Sun-Herald, September 20, 2007</Ref>.

According to an article in Hattiesburg American the facility is in bad shape hardly repaired from the damage following the hurricane Katrina. A parent has started a campaign in order to shut it down <Ref>Parents want academy closed, by Royce Armstrong, The Hattiesburg American, October 7 - 2007</Ref>. The article also states that three of the teenagers, who escaped in September were still free.

One of the Runaways has been interviewed about her stay at the facility and her runaway <Ref>Parent: 'It is even worse than we thought', by Royce Armstrong, The Hattiesburg American</Ref>.

In due of the latest developments, there is a call for an investigation into the facility <Ref>State should review academy allegations, from staff reports, , The Hattiesburg American</Ref>.

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