Guardian Angel Youth Services

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Guardian Angel Youth Services is a Teenage transport company, which main department are located in Texarkana, Texas.

They also have departments in Brunswick - Georgia, Syracuse - New York, St. George - Utah, Las Vegas - Nevada, Spokane - Washington


The have both male and female staff.


Type Info to be found on the website
Halfway houses They have a 24-hour supervised houses several places <Ref>Frequently Asked Questions About Secured Short-Term Holding, Company homepage</Ref>.
Parent handbook No information avialable
Insurance Information about insurance can not be found on the webpage

Methods used[redigér]

Tools Used on clients
Handcuffs No information avialable
Legirons No information avialable
Transport hood No information avialable
Other restraints No information avialable
Pebberspray No information avialable
Baton electrical / non-electrical No information avialable
Taser No information avialable

Please knowtice that they unlike the normal standard in the business do not want to have the parents involved at all when they wake the teenager in his or her own bed. If your teenager wakes with only strangers in the room, they could see it as a real and unlawful abduction and react accordingly and justified with violence <Ref>Frequently Asked Questions About the Transport, Company homepage</Ref>.

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