Greenville Hills Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Greenville Hills Academy is juvenile detention program in Greenville, Florida.<Ref>The area around the facility on Google maps</Ref>

They are able to detain 80 teenagers in the program <Ref name="Florida">GREENVILLE 14 - 18, State of Florida</Ref>. The length of the program is 6-9 months <Ref name=Florida/>.

They have an internal school, which teaches from Grade 4th to grade 12th <Ref>GREENVILLE HILLS ACADEMY,</Ref>.

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In 2006 an investigation into a claim about a boy being choked was conducted <Ref>New claims of abuse at boys camp, As law enforcement investigates allegations of abuse, officials at the governor's office sent a team to a North Florida town to ensure the safety of juvenile delinquents, BY CAROL MARBIN MILLER AND MARC CAPUTO, Miami Herald, October 14, 2006
Same article from Teen Help Industry</Ref>

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