Greenbrier Academy for Girls

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a behavior modification facility marketed as a boarding school. It is located on Route 3 just north of Pence Springs, West Virginia <Ref>The facility on Google maps</Ref>.

The building were a resort before being converted into a behavior modification facility <Ref>Pence Springs Resort to Convert to Private High School, By David M. Kinchen, Editor, Huntington News Network, august 25 2005</Ref>

It did open on september 24, 2007 <Ref>Opening September 24th, 2007 - Now Accepting Applications Scholarships Available, article about the opening on - industry marketing firm</Ref> <Ref name="sunday">Five-star schooling at a former Summers County inn, Historic Pence Springs Hotel now takes in students, not guests, By Davin White, Sunday Gazette mail, February 17 2008</Ref> <ref name="natsap">Program datasheet at NATSAP (Checked november 2009)</ref>

The targetgroup is girls only aged between 14 - 17+. The program can last between 1 and 4 years. <ref name=natsap/>.

The owners state in their brochure that they will be able to detain 95 girls in the future. An article published on February 2008 speaks of 8 girls detained at the facility. Their records at NATSAP State that they can detain 60 girls <ref name=natsap/>.

Among the staff is a Mr. Mitchell, which were investigated in relationship with the death of a boy in another program, he used to operate. This program was called Alldredge Academy. He denies any responsibility in connection to the death <ref name=sunday/>

Program structure[redigér]

The teenagers which are going to be detained at the facility are recommended to have been detained at a wilderness course before being shipped to this facility.

Due to lack of information their homepage it is uncertain if they will use the level system similar to the system also used at New Haven RTC and Sunrise RTC


The girls have been detained at a wilderness program prior to being detained at the facility, so the staff don't have to waste time breaking their spirits.


One thing differs from the other programs is that the facility can rent the girls out as cheap labor as a kind of work / human aid therapy.

Whether in a Central American orphanage, for example, or a hurricane ravaged community, girls will have a "hands-on" opportunity to serve and live with people who are suffering and in need.

In the news[redigér]

A former employee claimed that she was subjected to sexual innuendo and claims about an unethical relationship between a staff member and a girl detained at the facility was stated in the Sunday Gazette-Mail <Ref>Ex-worker sues Summers girls school, by Davin White, The Sunday Gazette-Mail, August 10 2008</Ref> <Ref>Ex-private school employee alleges sexual innuendo, inappropriate contact, by Davin White, The Sunday Gazette-Mail, August 10 2008</Ref>. In a press release published from the industry marketingsfirm the facility denied the allegations <Ref>Greenbrier Denies All Charges, by Matthew A Hart,, August 18 2008</Ref>

They have recently started a marketing campain on Youtube <ref>Connecting at Greenbrier Academey for Girls, youtube</ref>

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