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Future Expectations Today is a behavior modification program sold from an address in Texas. It is marketed as a drug rehabilitation program. They used to program the teenagers in Mexico, but their campus was raided. It is uncertain where they detain the teenagers today if the program is still in operation.

Program struture[redigér]

The program use the 12 step combined with the fear of ending up in Campo, which are two gender separated 12-by-15-foot cells <Ref name="press">Troubled teens, tough choices, by Janet Zimmerman, The Press-Entreprise, August 2, 2002</Ref>

The reward in the program is to go the "yellow house" where the teenagers can enjoy videogames and music, while they continue to work the 12-step program <Ref name=press/>.

In an article about the closure of High Impact it is mentioned that the program claims to be licensed on the webpage regardless of the fact that is isn't <Ref>Closure highlights foreign rehab woes, by Janet Zimmerman, The Press-Entreprise, August 5, 2002</Ref>

In the news[redigér]

Half a year after the closure of Casa by the Sea, Genesis by the Sea and House of Hope Academy, the authorities located this program in a town named La Mision in Mexico. The police did raid it and they found handcuffs and an isolation chamber for teenagers not working the program. All the teenagers at the facility was sent back to the United States <Ref>Youth center's future bleak, Baja facility for troubled U.S. teens closed; irregularities cited, by Sandra Dibble, Janine Zúñiga and Karen Kucher, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITERS, December 10, 2004 (Re-print from International Survivor Action Committee)</ref>

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