Freedom Mountain Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Freedom Mountain Academy is a small wilderness styled boarding school in Tennessee.

The founders did create a boarding school in Idaho called Academy of the Rockies. They sold it and it became the Rocky Mountain Academy.

Program structure[redigér]

Daily schedule[redigér]

Time Activity
6:00 Early start due to the fact that the facility is a farm as well as a school
6:15–7:15 History class, followed immediately by a good country breakfast. After breakfast, the teenagers do morning chores, including kitchen and building clean-up, cutting wood, and feeding the livestock. Most chores are done by 8:30.
9:00 Academics: Independent Study, Writing and Virtues, Etymology
11:45 Meal break
12:30–16:30 All do the work necessary to keep the farm in good shape. This work includes gardening, building fences, managing the wood lot (which includes thinning the trees and cutting and gathering firewood), constructing sheds, general farm maintenance, and other necesary chores.
17:00 Evening meal is served.
18:15–20:00 Academics: Science and Literature
20:00–21:00 The teenagers are free to enjoy games, snacks, relaxation, reading, et cetera.
21:00 The Quiet Time begin, time set aside each day for reflection or meditation. If they prefer, students may write letters or write in their journals, read, or just turn in early.
22:00 Although there is no mandatory lights-out time, every student must retire to his or her own room. Students may read or write, but usually all are gratefully ready for bed by this time.

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