Fred D. Jones Youth Center

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Fred D. Jones Youth Center is a behavior modification facility located in Hesperia, California

It is runned by LodgeMakers of California Inc. an affiliate of VisionQuest National Ltd.

It did open in 2004 <ref>LodgeMakers of California Announces Fred D. Jones Youth Center to Open February 27, 2004.</ref>

In the news[redigér]

Due to a number of escapes, the neighbors are concerned <ref>House of lost youths Hesperia group home in countys crosshairs, by Robert Rogers, San Bernardino County Sun, August 13 - 2006, (Reprint from International Survivor Action Committee)</ref><ref>5 Break Outs in Less thean 3 weeks, Newszap Forums > Maryland Public Forums > Cambridge/Dorchester County Public Issues Forum</ref>

In 2006 there was reports of a high number of escapes from the facility. The contract with the facility was under consideration <ref>County rethinking contract, by Robert Rogers, The Sun, San Bernardino, August 11, 2006</ref>

In 2007 there was a melee at the facility. 50 boys were involved <ref>Deputies respond to mass melee at boys' group home, By BEAU YARBROUGH, Hesperia Star, May 16, 2007</ref>. At the time it could house 144 teenagers.

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