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A Family Class is a class in a public school, where each student is placed next to one or two of their parents, who will stay beside the child all day in order to supervise the student to be less disruptive.

This solution is used in Denmark and have shown good result.

The program was invented in order to lower the number of suspensions and expulsions, which cost either parents or the school distric money when they have to find a new school for the student in question.

How it works[redigér]

The basics of this solution is:

  • 1) The teacher will be able to use all the time for teaching and almost none for class discipline
  • 2) Weekly feedback on progress. After each class the parents and student are instructed to evaluate how the student have behaved in class. It end up in a chart where they on weekly basis discuss what the student has to work with.

A family class will often have up to 9 students and their parents.

Once a student have improved so much that they are able to follow normal classes they are moved back into the general student population. Some needs 3 months others up to 12 months.


For the community: The normal size of classes in Denmark are 26 max. in Denmark with one or two teachers (Grade 0-2 have two teachers most of the week), so the costs are about 3 times higher than normal classes.

For the parents: The parents also have to be on part time. The authorities can refund the employer of the parents, if the authorities finds that they can avoid paying for placement by using this method.

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