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Families 1st is an organization located in Pasadena focusing on adjusting the behavior by so-called at-risk youths. Their mission statement is:

The young men / women who come to us are good kids who have begun to make some poor choices with friends, school, drugs, alcohol, attitude with peers and family members.

Program structure[redigér]

They use a level system.

  • GROWTH phase last for 6 month
  • LEADERSHIP phase if the youth completes the first phase. It also lasts 6 months.

The program consist of classes for both parents and teenagers, there are various forms of community service involved and finally they have their boot camp event which is called Family 1st Growth Camp.


The director of the program did run his own truancy sweep where he tried to find new clients for the program. In relationship with that activity he told the parents that he was hired by public schools which proved not to be the case. He was charged with false imprisonment, extortion, child abuse, unlawful use of a badge and kidnapping a 14-year-old girl and investigated for fraud <ref name="psn">Boot camp leader headed to court for kidnapping, Brian Charles, Staff Writer, Pasedena Star News, June 7, 2011</ref>

A competitor - Sarge's Community Based Training - gave what he claimed is the real story behind the arrested director which included personal battles with alcoholism <ref name=psn/>. Whether the competitors statements were given due to marketing alone has not been verified.

The director was held on a $285,000 bail <ref>Local Boot Camp Leader Accused of Kidnapping Minor, KTLA News, June 7, 2011</ref>

October 2011 at video was published on the webpage of a local newspaper showing children to be forced to gorge in water. According to Child abuse legal expert and USC Gould School of Law Professor Thomas Lyons who did not view the videos the behavior described on them could easily fit the broad definition of child abuse <ref>Exclusive videos detail tactics at teen boot camps in Pasadena, By Brian Charles, Staff Writer, Posted: 10/26/2011</ref>.

Based on the evidence presented in the videos, the police started a probe into the matter <ref>Pasadena cops open boot camp probe, By Brian Charles, Staff Writer, Posted: 10/27/2011</ref>

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