F L Chamberlain School

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Current status Open
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Checked November 4, 2013
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F L Chamberlain School is marketed as a so-called therapeutic boarding school. It is located in a small hamlet called Middleboro <ref>The facility on google maps</ref>.

The target group is teenagers aged between 11 and 18 <ref name="nat>Datasheet at NATSAP</ref>.

The program last 365 days.

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Living conditions[redigér]

The teenagers are housed in 9 different dorms, which are houses in the village. They clean their dorms and cook food for their own dorm <ref>Campus life, homepage of the facility</ref>.


In 1997 a youth counselor working at the school was arrested for a murder not related to his work at the facility <ref>Boyfriend arrested in murder of woman found in Hyannis W. Barnstable man confessed, police say, by Joe Ryan and Matthew Taylor, The Boston Globe, December 9, 1997</ref>

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