Exit Plan

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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An Exit Plan is a strategy to force a teenager, who is becoming 18 years of age and therefore adult, to remain in a treatment program.

It is done by preventing the teenager to return to his or her home and use the social network of family and friends from before entering the program as a tool to create their own adult life based on indepented values.

One of the larger companies has made a recomendation to the parents about what items an exit plan should consist of <Ref>Info from WWASP about the content of an exit plan</Ref>.

Sometimes an exit plan will allow the teenager to live home as a houseguest with a strict house-contract, which in reality means that the teenager can not enjoy any benefits of being an adult, but in many cases the exit plan has consisted of a backpack and a busticket to a shelter near the facility <Ref>The 'exit plan', by Lou Kilzer, Denver Rocky Mountain News, 2000</Ref>.

It suggests that parents keep health insurance on the teen for six months and give their child $30 and three nights' lodging in a motel. Otherwise, teens are on their own.
The "exit plan" spells out the rules of banishment and the conditions, if any, for the child's return to the family.
The only way of re-entering the home is for the adolescent to agree to abide by the parents' rules.

Many programs have begun to offer special facilities for young adults between 18 and 24 as an alternative to a life in a shelter.


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