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Discovery Academy is a behavior modification facility located in Provo, Utah <ref>The area with the two gender separated campuses. The girl campus can be seen using street view unlike the general satellite view, which have old photos</ref>

It was founded by Dr. D. Eugene Thorne in 1989 by although some sources state that was in February 1990 <ref>New Perspectives - Apr, 1991 Issue, - industry marketing firm</ref>. It moved to it present location at the old Ivy Tower in 1992. The neighbors were kept in the dark <ref>IVY TOWER WON'T BECOME CORRECTIONAL TEEN FACILITY, Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - May 29, 1992 Payment article from Newsbank</ref>. At the present time they are able to detain 77 teenagers at their facility. A new addition to the facility are constructed west of the main campus <ref name="natsap">program data on NATSAP</ref>.

They seem to work closely together with the wilderness program called Redcliff Ascent. They also have connections and internal links to another facilities named Discovery Ranch and Oxbow Academy.

The targetgroup is teenager aged between 13 and 18 years of age. The program last between 6 and 18 months <ref name=natsap/>.

Program structure[redigér]

The program use levels. There are 4 levels. Every second week the detained teenagers can be voted up. <ref name="odens3">Discovery Academy: The Reform School Chronicles (Part 3), Odens Ravins blog</ref>. It takes 5 months to get to Level at minimum. The teenagers on the highest level live in a dorm called "cottage", where they enjoy a standard similar to an open prison with work releases.

Living standards[redigér]

The teenagers are held in dorm-like settings. A typical room can house 4 teenagers of a single gender.

Typical daily schedule[redigér]

Time Activity Time Activity
07:00 Wake-up 14:30 Boys Community Meeting
08:00 Breakfast and Chores 15:00 Study Hall
09:00 PE, Individual, family and experiential therapy 16:00 School and Dinner
12:00 Lunch and free time 21:00 Free Time
13:00 Girls Community Meeting 22:30 Lights Out
13:30 Specialized group therapy. These groups may include eating disorders, relapse prevention, grief and loss, adoption, and drama therapy.


The normal punishment is a "demerit". It consist of standing still in front of a wall for 25 minutes per demerit. There is a five minute break between each demerit <ref name=odens3/>

They used a isolation room called "ISU", but the use of it has been forbidden by the authorities <ref>Thread on a myspace group</ref>

In the news[redigér]

A Orem resident was convicted of attempted rape and written false statement after he had sex with a 16 year old teenager, who was detained at the facility <ref>Employee Pleads Guilty to Attempted Rape at Discovery Academy, Daily Herald - Utah, October 9 2002 (Reprint from International Survivor Action Committee)</ref>

They are also mentioned in an article about a boy being held away from his mother by a relative <ref>Breaking the chains isn’t easy - Keeping teens in line can rattle any family, by Clive McFarlane, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, March 29 - 2006 (Reprint from Community Alliance For the Ethical Treatment of Youth - CAFETY)</ref>

They are also a part in a lawsuit brought against them from a mother to a boy, who is claimed to have been sexually assaulted by other detained teenagers <ref>Mother sues school, says son was assaulted, By Laura Hancock, Deseret Morning News, Published: September 3, 2006</ref>.

They have been the target of a lawsuit made by the Disability Law Center <ref>Suit targets Discovery Academy, Deseret Morning News, July 15 - 2007 </ref>

Adjusting to the life after a placement at Discovery Academy can be hard. A young author Alexa Leigh Corbett wrote the books [i]The Life Ever After[/i] and [i]The ID: The Art of Being Human[/i] based on her experiences of being the sister to an alumni of Discovery Academy <ref>The ID: The Art of Being Human, (Publisher: Xlibris)
The Life Ever After (Publisher: PublishAmerica)</ref>

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