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This page contains a list of terms used in connection with Youth Transport firms, which offer the service of picking a teenager up from his or her own bed and transport the individual against his or her will to a program selected by one or both parents.


Term Definition
Halfway house A house where teenagers can sleep over-night if the transport is done over a long distance and travel papers or special mean of transport has to been arranged. Halfway houses have been increasing in number due to stricter passport regulation after 9/11 which has resulted in increased transport time. Two types of strategies are using:
1) Letting the youth do forbidden things like drinking alcohol and smoke, so they stay.
2) Let the youth stay in a sparse prisoncell environment sometime restrained with mechanical restraints all time.
Parent handbook A parent handbook should be available on the website of the transport firm outlining the process the individual company use to operate after.

Tools used in the transport industry[redigér]

Term Definition
Handcuffs Handcuffs are used by some firms until they have achieved compliance and others all time during the transport. In an article in Legal Affairs, a transport across the States are told. Handcuffs are policy by this for the line of business typical company <Ref>WANT YOUR KID TO DISAPPEAR? by Nadya Labi, Legal Affairs, July 2004.</Ref>.
Legirons Legirons or Fetters are used by some firms in order to prevent running.
Transport hood Some firms have used blindfolds or even hoods similar by the hoods used by the U.S military in connection handling of POW. This procedure is similar to the orientation phase in most wilderness programs, where the detained teenagers have to wear blindfold or two reasons:
1) Sensory deprivation so each individual can not escape by memorizing the route
2) A symbolic phase leaving a old life back and beginning a new life.
Other restraints Waist belt or alternative restraints like orthopedic devices <Ref>Are restraints used during the intervention and transport process?, Touchdown Inc. FAQ-page</Ref>.
Pebberspray Used by some firms in order to achieve compliance during transport or to seek quietness if the teenager sobs out of control (Hysteria).
Baton electrical / non-electrical Used by some firms in order to achieve compliance during transport or to seek quietness if the teenager sobs out of control (Hysteria). Electrical devices is seen in the treatment industry and are mentioned by survivors of High Impact, Tecate and Judge Rotenberg Center. The use of electrical devices are presently undergoing investigation <Ref>The Case Against Tranquility Bay and WWASPS, TB fight (Web-archive)</Ref>. Even parents themselves have resorted to the use of such electrical devices <Ref>Parents insist electric shock treatment is right for autistic son, Autismconnect (Web-archive)</Ref>.
Taser Such devices are used by some firms if they have to pick the teenager up in town as an alternative to the normal pick-up procedure done from the bed of the teenager. Parent should consider the risk of creating a situation in a public environment where the concept of the pick-up is so similar to a abduction that either the teenager of bystander justified could stop the process by use of weapons.