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Crater Lake School was a behavior modification program located on 34140 Sprague River Road, Sprague River, Oregon 97639.

It did open in 1997 <Ref>Boarding School Won't Be Reopening, Eugene Register-Guard - Google News Archive - Jan 2, 2004</Ref>

It closed in 2004 after problems with licensing <Ref name="seattle">Crater Lake School will close, Seattle woman won't pursue relicensing of Oregon facility, Seattle PI, January 2, 2004</Ref>

The owner was Bobbi Christensen - also known as Bobbi Trott in relationship with the tragic deaths at Camp O'Neal

Program structure[redigér]

Not very much is known about the structure of the program, but old copies of their webpages indicate a level system combined with harsh discipline:

In the years since Crater Lake School opened, police and state regulators had recurring concerns, state documents dating back to 1998 show. Incidents included chronic runaways, mishandling of prescription drugs, food and heating fuel shortages, harsh discipline and a sex-related conviction of a staff member.

In August, a 17-year-old boy who was a student at the school made an eight-mile trip across Puget Sound in a kayak. He had been camping with other Crater Lake School students at Blake Island and slipped away in the middle of the night. He was found unharmed. <Ref name=seattle/>

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